Monday, 10 October 2011

Since this blog is about design and awesomeness I am going to show you another site that I found useful and entertaining. It is called and it’s a site that displays all great logos from all over the world. This site is particular useful to us designers because you can add your own portfolio on the site where other members can critique and give you feedback on the logo that you are busy with. You can also find logo design jobs and another cool thing is that you can find inspiration and some cool ideas for your logo on this site. There are also contests that are show cased on this website so if you think your work is good enough then enter. Most of the logos that I have seen on this site have a simplistic design to it. I think that it’s a great approach when designing a logo. It looks great and effective when it’s simple. Please visit this site, the link is right here à If you feel that the site is great or bad please comment on this blog so that I can see what you the people think. New work from Element Designs will be coming on this site soon.

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